Marketing Your Clothing Line on Pinterest and Instagram

Today it is more important than ever for fashion entrepreneurs to have a digital online presence. With the hyper growth of social media and the visual nature of fashion make the two blend perfectly. Previous a fashion designers main source of exposure was via magazine ads, editorials and fashion shows.  There has been no easier time in history where new fashion designers have almost a level playing field at getting in front of potential clothing retail and consumer buyers. This new frontier also brings new challenges in terms of giving your clothing brand distinction and prestige but I will cover that in another post. For now let me get to why all clothing lines should have a presence on two of the most influential social media platforms which are Pinterest and Instagram..
Marketing your clothing line on is a must because at the time of this article Pinterest is big in the online space while the Instagram App occupies a hugh mobile space. It can even be said that a younger demographic uses Instagram more. Regardless to what your target market is, both platforms are essential for getting your clothing line seen. Recently we were pinning some fashion designs we designed with our commercial fashion design software system Digital Fashion Pro from our site and it became truly obvious that we need to make sure our clients are using these platforms to market their fashion labels.
So why is using these platforms a priority for all fashion designers. Here is how it works. Say for example you have designed a really cute dress. You have just ordered so many of the dresses from your clothing manufacturer. It is time to go into sell mode. You want to get the maximum exposure for the pieces in your collection. You should have been building your presence on Pinterest and Instagram before now but if you haven’t it isn’t too late. Okay so assuming you are already set up – you would post pictures of a model wearing your dress on your e-commerce enabled website. You would pin the product picture by copying the URL into Pinterest then selecting the product shot. You would then add a brief description of your dress or style then Pin it. You would do the same using your mobile phone or mobile device to add your dress to your Instagram page.
With Pinterest the sharing aspect really excels over Instagram. People who see your dress can then share it with others by repining it so that their followers can see it. Everyone who sees your design will have the ability to click on the image to go straight to your website or product listing. This process can translate to getting your clothing line more exposure and help you build a larger following. However the most important aspect is pinning your designs could lead to you getting more direct sales to consumers which are the most profitable sales channel.  This scenario could also drive traffic to retail outlets that carry your line. An example of this is while pinning on Pinterest I came across a cool pair of jeans that I liked. I clicked on the photo then from there I chose to visit the website that hosted the jean photo. I ended up purchasing the jeans. It was that simple. What do you think about marketing your designs via Pinterest and Instagram? Do you see how it could be beneficial? We would love to hear from you. Leave comments below. Thanks.
— Article by Michael Harper – Co-Founder of / Fashion Designer / Author / Entrepreneur
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