About Us

StartingAClothingLine.com was started by Fashion Designers / Entrepreneurs Michael Harper and Jay Arrington in November of 2004. Based in Michigan, StartingAClothingLine.com mission is to help the next generation of aspiring fashion designers start their own clothing lines and learn how to design clothing. Beginners and professionals are able to utilize our flagship product Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software. The DFP Tool is not just a design software but it also comes with fashion design training. StartingAClothingLine.com also includes one of the best books in the industry, “The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line. This course / book walks aspiring fashion designers through each step of how to start their own clothing line even if they have no prior experience.


According to co-founder Michael Harper, “We wanted to make the fashion industry accessible to ordinary people worldwide. We wanted to make sure people had resources and information that could help them be more successful as they navigated the industry, building their own fashion brand.” StartingAClothingLine.com is a total one stop resource information and shop containing books on how to start a clothing line, fashion design software, clothing manufacturing list, garment measurement help, pantone color guides and clothing templates. Michael states, “it has been an honor for us to have worked with so many designers around the world over the last 19 years.”


StartingAClothingLine.com operates under the Harper Arrington Publishing LLC Company. You can learn more about Digital Fashion Pro Software at https://digitalfashionpro.com.