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Fashion CAD


Fashion CAD

All about Fashion CAD - Why fashion designers and brands rely on it.

Fashion CAD is where the fashion world is at when it comes to fashion illustrations. All fashion labels employ at least one designer on staff that knows how to use Fashion CAD. Why is using Fashion CAD important? It is important because it allows fashion designers to better manage their workflow, similarity in scale of the company’s designs, and better translation when it comes to getting the designs made. Fashion Designers who use Fashion CAD also can easily share their designs with others inside the company and with manufacturers etc. Fashion CAD has been around for years and have been taught along with hand sketching in fashion schools for years. However, greater emphasis is now placed on learning Fashion CAD in schools than in years of the past. This greater emphasis can mainly be attributed to the change in technology and the fact that more fashion employers want to hire fashion graduates who can use Fashion CAD.

Apparel manufacturers like to receive computer generated sketches as well. Most hate to work with hand sketches. Many new designers make the mistake of sending hand sketches to garment manufacturers. Most don’t like them. Some might even tolerate for awhile but then at some point they will request that you convert your sketches. Apparel manufacturers can better duplicate your designs when they are presented as computer generated fashion sketches. As a designer you will love that fact when your design samples come back looking closer to what you envisioned. This is just one more reason why Fashion CAD is absolutely necessary these days. Don’t be a lagger.

Fashion CAD makes life easy for fashion designers. Why should a fashion designer keep drawing the same silhouette over and over? Fashion CAD like Digital Fashion Pro solves that problem and more. It only makes sense that if you can start out with a silhouette template that you use often would help you focus on the actual design detail rather than having to always start by drawing the silhouette to begin. This saves designers time and allows them to be even more productive. However is must also be said that the fashion design program I was referring to (Digital Fashion Pro) is much more than a Fashion CAD. It is a true fashion design system that comes with fashion templates, training, graphics program an more wrapped in one. This is one of the things that separates Digital Fashion Pro from other Fashion CAD programs on the market. Plus it’s easy to learn.

So what about the person who wants to start designing clothes but can’t draw. Well, before Digital Fashion Pro, these people would have to either have other people design for them, scribble things out or just leave their fashion ideas rotting in their heads. Digital Fashion Pro helps people who can’t draw as well create professional fashion sketches. That’s right! No one is left out when it comes to Digital Fashion Pro. This is one Fashion CAD that has something for everyone. Fashion CAD as I mentioned even to those that can draw. No matter what, all fashion designers should at least have one Fashion CAD in their arsenal.

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fashion cad
fashion cad
fashion cad fashion cad
fashion cad
fashion cad
fashion cad fashion cad
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DF-Pro Presentation

More about Fashion CAD

Fashion CAD software has so many different applications, it’s easy to see why most companies are using it for their design needs. Let’s look at some of those applications to get a better idea of the versatility of Fashion CAD software. You’ll see how programs for fashion design such as Digital Fashion Pro, available at, make all steps of the design process so easy and efficient. And this software can really be used by anyone from a beginning student of fashion design, to a well-established designer at a top company.

With the versatile features of fashion CAD software, designing clothes on the computer is a breeze. Tutorials are included in programs such as Digital Fashion Pro that take you step-by-step through the program, so you really can use it even if you’re brand new to fashion design. With fashion CAD software, you start with one of many templates available, which you can customize very easily. You can choose from hundreds of different fabrics, add seam and stitch lines, as well as countless other details.  And making changes or updates is much simpler on the computer than on paper.

Once you’ve finalized the design, it’s time to create a sample of the garment. With fashion CAD programs like Digital Fashion Pro, you can create a technical sketch to specify exactly how you’d like the garment to fit. And with this information, you can produce a sample that’s really true to your design, and has the best possible fit and silhouette.

Using fashion CAD software also makes the mass production of your garment so much easier. With an exact template of how the garment is supposed to look and fit, it can be perfectly duplicated over and over again. Plus, it allows more of the steps in the pre-production process to be automated, such as cutting parts of a garment in bulk. This saves time and money in the production process, which would really benefit a designer in any company.

Fashion CAD software has some useful applications in retailing as well.  You can use it to help a retailer or individual create a truly unique design, showing them endless variations to meet their needs. Clearly, fashion CAD software has created so many new possibilities in the world of fashion design. Why not join other top designers who are now using fashion CAD software? For more information about Digital Fashion Pro, visit

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