Triumph Over Obstacles In 2014

2014 The Year of Triumph
2014 is here and I for one am excited. It is a new year in which we can put our best foot forward and renew our visions, commitments and passion. It is at this precise time that many of us think about what we would like to see different in our lives. For many of us including myself, it is a time to hit the workout routine and get back in shape. For others, it is a time to think about going after their passions and letting nothing stop them. It could be starting a new business like a fashion label or opening a clothing boutique. It could be a multitude of things that we catapult to the top of our priority list for the new year. Many make commitments to be better people, more thankful, and kinder to others. Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions to proclaim these changes that we want to see in our lives. Personally, I am sick of making New Year’s Resolutions. I told myself I would not make one this year. I will save the talking and proclaiming and actually get to work. Okay, I know you are probably thinking just because I did not call my new goals a resolution – technically I am still making plans and executing lol. Don’t judge me. We all have to do what floats our boat to get us motivated. This is my way.
Last year was a true experience for me; unlike any year before. I went through ups and downs. People came into my life while others left. But the one thing that I can sum up about 2013 is gratitude. I can honestly say that I am so thankful. God was very good to me and he worked small miracles one after another for me. I was always grateful and humble but in 2013 that went way up! I woke up this January 1st and a powerful theme just swirled around my head that 2014 would be a year of triumph. If you are religious – lean on your faith. If you are a believer in the universe type of person – believe in the universe. Whatever your spiritual guidance is – trust in it and work towards your goals. This is a year where extraordinary things can happen for you but you have to want it. You have to dream it. You have to carry it in your heart. You have to get out your hammer. If you need to go across town to get nails – gas up your car. Basically I am saying don’t sit idol. Don’t just make resolutions for the sake of making them. Don’t work hard for 13 days and start slacking. If you want to lose 20 pounds make a plan and do it. If you want to become a fashion designer – get the tools you need to do it. Whatever you need to get your vision on wheels and rolling do what it takes. The only failure in life is not trying.
I personally want to give more in 2014. That is one of my goals. Giving is good for the soul. Sending out positive energy will ping back to you. This past Christmas I gave out a few Walmart Gift Cards to random people in Walmart Stores that I felt might be able to really use them. One such lady was in Walmart with her two kids. I observed her putting socks back and a couple small toys out of her basket that didn’t have too much in it to begin with. I heard her telling her kids that she couldn’t get those items. I approached her and gave her a gift card. She said, “Thank you Mr., God Bless You and Merry Christmas.” That sentiment was followed by her kids. I told her, “You guys have a Merry Christmas as well.” I walked off. It was a beautiful moment because I prayed before I went in to be guided to people that I could help at a time when they needed it. Why was that important – because in 2013 as I said, God did the same for me when I needed help. He sent help my way that I didn’t see coming. I don’t mean to talk religion too much here in this post but I’m compelled to at the moment. 
I just want you guys to know a little bit about me personally. Sure I am always designing and helping you guys with starting your clothing lines but my motivation is much deeper. I believe that we all can achieve magical things if we first dream them and then take action. Our products were created to give people a head start in the fashion industry. We knew that most of our clients would be beginners and enthusiast. With that being said, we built our products to empower beginners first and then professionals. We want to see ordinary people succeed and live their dreams. Life is too short to keep saying year after year, resolution after resolution that I am going to do this or that this year. Well my friends, this year is the year you have to! No excuses. No deviations. No taking a day off. Get to work. 

If Starting Your Own Business is Your Goal This Year – Here are a few tips:

1. Decide what you have a passion for
2. Answer how can you make money with your passion if that is one of your goals
3. Research – how much will it cost to start the business
4. Research – what type of resources do you need to succeed
5. Research – what kind of help will you need to get going and to sustain the business
6. If you still want to proceed after doing your initial research proceed to #7
7. Obtain the tools, training, or knowledge needed to start your business
8. Officially start your business by registering it / get your domain name etc.
9. Develop a business plan or plan of action
10. Execute your plan and work hard
If you want to start a clothing line – we offer incredible tools that can help you start a fashion design business or clothing line even if you are a beginner. 
In close, it is truly a year for new beginnings. 2014 is the year of personal triumphs over all of the obstacles that have been holding you back. Take the challenge and succeed my friends. Good luck on your adventures!


— Article by Michael Harper – Co-Founder of / Fashion Designer / Author / Entrepreneur Follow Me On Google+


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