Kristen Stewart for Chanel

Kristen Stewart for Chanel

I have to take a break from my holiday and cold weather posts to talk about what everyone else is talking about – Kristen Stewart for Chanel. That’s right, if you haven’t already heard, Stewart is the new face of Chanel. It seems like people either love or hate Stewart, could be the whole Twilight thing, could be the whole cheating on Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson thing, or it could just be her general awkwardness, who knows. Either way, people seem to feel one way or the other about Stewart – and it seems that now we know just how Karl Lagerfeld feels about the gorgeous, 23 year old star. You have to admit, she is gorgeous.

I think this particular idea of Lagerfeld’s is genius, along with all of his other ideas, of course. Stewart is the perfect muse for a high end design house like Chanel. She has a sense of mystery to her, a sense of high fashion and, most importantly, a self confidence that could kill.

The Chanel campaign staring Stewart has been shot and will be released in May of 2014.

Kristen Stewart for Chanel l1


Kristen Stewart for Chanel l3


Kristen Stewart for Chanel -l4


Kristen Stewart for Chanel - l5

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