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Getting your clothing line made may sound simple enough but there are many questions to take into consideration. Questions like will the company making my samples be the same company that will make my production run?  Should I pay to have a sample made locally and then send that sample to an overseas manufacturers?  Should I try to get a pattern made first and then send it to an overseas manufacturer.  Should I just manufacture my clothing line locally?  Should I get my own labels and buttons made first and then ship them to my manufacturer.  Should I work with just one manufacturer or more than one?  What concerns should I have about quality control as my manufacturer makes my line?  This article will explain how to get your clothing line made and how to get advice with these concerns.


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How to make a technical sketch

With that being said, all of the questions above are valid as you prepare to get your clothing made.  While on first thought, you may assume that your manufacturer will make your line with the utmost quality and nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately that is not the case sometimes.  In apparel manufacturing, you have to understand what could go wrong will likely go wrong.  So you have to prepare your manufacturer and discuss all of the smallest details.  Leave nothing to chance.  I repeat, leave nothing to chance!  Never assume your manufacturer will know what to do – and that they will exercise common sense and do something that you would have done if you were there. Everything must be defined PERIOD!

how to make a spec sheet


So with that being said, it is important that you understand what are some of the best practices for working with a manufacturer.  It simply isn’t enough to get excited because you found a manufacturer that is willing to work with you. In fact some of the best manufacturers will not even give you a chance being a new clothing line.  This might be because your new and unproven. They may want to see hear about your marketing plan and solid growth strategy etc.  However, there are ways to get even the best manufacturers to work with you. We know how you can get it done.  It is one of the subjects talked about in our Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Book. This was the first book written and devoted entirely to this subject of how to start a line and get it made. It also covers how to get manufacturers to make small quantities. This is very helpful for new clothing lines whom may not have the budget for the huge production runs required by many factories. You will also learn about the fabric issues that many start-ups face and how to get around it.


Even though we are the publishers of the title, we can’t say it enough that this book is your ultimate guide to how navigate the tricky waters of how to launch your clothing line successfully. So we know you anxious about getting your line going, getting samples made and your full production run. We are here to help you because our goal is to make sure you know how to go about it the right way so you can increase your chances of the obtaining the best results. We don’t want you to fail or lose money. We want you to be successful which is why we put a lot of effort into our products. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


So for answers to all of your questions and a fully detailed plan of action from A to Z for your clothing line, we definitely recommend our Official Guide Course. It is a true gem of information right at your fingertips. Plus we have the Ultimate Fashion Contact List E-book featuring over 400 manufacturers from around the world. Also remember that you need fashion sketches to get your clothing made and the perfect choice for that is Digital Fashion Pro – design your clothing line with it.


So How Do You Get Your Line Made:

To get your line made you need the following:

1. Fashion Sketch of front and back of your design.

2. Technical Sketch of the front and back of your design.

3. Define the measurements of your garment style.

4. Pick the fabric / colors / prints you want your design made from.

5. Spec Sheet with all of the relevant information pertaining to your design.

6. Turn all elements into a PDF file and send to your manufacturer.


The Materials We Offer to Help You Get Your Line Made:

1. Our Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line.

2. Fashion Business Center CD – for spec sheets.

3. Digital Fashion Pro Business Class or Higher – which includes Beyond the Basics (How to make technical sketches).  So you can create your fashion sketches with ease.

4. HA Ultimate Fashion Contact List E-book.  Manufacturing contacts from around the world that you can contact to make your line. Features over 400 apparel manufacturers with clickable links that will take you right to many of their websites / email addresses.

All Business Package Digital Fashion Pro



See all of these items here + packages that include them all.

We wish you the best of luck in producing your clothing line whether you use our products or not. We just want our clients to have everything they need to get the job done effectively.



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Need more information on the fashion design process of getting your line made – here is an in-depth article that can help clarify things a little more.


— Article by Michael Harper – Co-Founder of / Fashion Designer / Author / Entrepreneur

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Published on: Aug 20, 2013

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