Forever Kate Moss – Happy (Belated) Birthday

Forever Kate Moss - Happy (Belated) Birthday - L1

Kate Moss turned 40 yesterday, guys. That’s incredible. Moss is someone who, in my eyes, will always be about 14. Which is weird to say and it’s weird to think about, but those beginning photographs of a young, fresh Moss are engrained in my brain – forever. I don’t think I’m the only one either. When I think of Kate Moss, I think of make-up free – (which is ironic considering her years of Rimmel London ads).

Moss is a true household name. I honestly think I could ask my baseball coach of a dad if he knew who Kate Moss was and the answer would be, ‘Are you kidding?’. That is crazy to think about – being that famous. And since she was 14 years old. You’re just a kid at 14. I don’t even remember being 14 I don’t think. I was probably in 8th grade, maybe a freshman in high school at 14 buying school lunches and watching Punk’d – a freshman in high school! And Kate Moss was out there modeling for Calvin Klein – not a big deal. Moss has been modeling for the majority of her life. She has graced this earth for 40 years and for 26 of them, she has been a supermodel. And since I can remember learning of who she was, her photographs have inspired me.

So, my hat is off to you Ms. Moss. Seriously, I thank all of the Gods everywhere that we were blessed with you. You are not terrible to look at and your talent is forever. Forever Kate Moss. Happy belated 40th birthday. Let us bask in her natural beauty.

Forever Kate Moss - Happy (Belated) Birthday - L2

Forever Kate Moss - Happy (Belated) Birthday - L3 

Forever Kate Moss - Happy (Belated) Birthday - L4

Forever Kate Moss - Happy (Belated) Birthday - L5

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