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Sometimes I find it amazing that in 2013 so many people are still not aware that clothing design software exist. Back in 1999, there were only a few software applications that existed for people to design clothing with. Many people in the industry at that time used Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. These solutions were general purpose graphic design applications. Meaning they weren’t made exactly for fashion but could be used to design fashion. They were the industry standard by default at that time. Aspiring fashion designers would have to go to school to learn these solutions or spend countless hours trying to learn them on their own.


Then in 1999, Michael Harper came up with a new way of designing. At that time it became adopted by the clothing line

Digital Fashion Pro he had created with friends. They used their un-titled system to design their own clothing line. People loved the designs they were creating with this system. Then in 2004, Michael Harper and Jay Arrington would create; a year later they would make their clothing design system public. At that time it was called HADDS (Harper Arrington Digital Design System). In 2006, the name was changed to Digital Fashion Pro.

So what is the overall purpose of clothing design software? Clothing design software’s main function is to allow fashion designers the ability to digitally to create their clothing designs and fashion sketches. This gives their designs a detailed look that can be easily interpreted by fashion buyers, consumers, manufacturers etc. Digital Fashion sketches let fashion designers accurately convey the details of their designs with very clean lines. It also allows for designers to be able to Emerald Green dress fashion sketchshare their sketches easily with their design team plus the ability to email them to their clothing manufacturers. Clothing design software also lets users easily add their sketches to catalogs, fashion portfolios, fashion storyboards, mood boards, spec sheets, line sheets and more. In some cases, clothing lines and designers will even let their digital sketches stand in, in place of the actual clothing if the clothing isn’t available yet.


It is without denying that clothing design software makes life easier for designers for many reasons. Another reason for this is that sketches can be saved in a number of digital formats making it easy to catalog designs and changes. It is also easy to change the color of the designs without having to redraw them. There are many benefits to using clothing design software including the fact that you don’t even have to know how to draw to use them. Does that make you less of an artist? Not at all! Creativity is needed whether you draw or use clothing design software. If a person that can draw well lacks creativity then they are no better off than anyone else.


So we talked about clothing design software in general. However, let’s talk a little about how Digital Fashion Pro Software System takes clothing design software even further. The system was created with true beginners in mind. That is why it comes with very specific / detailed training that helps designers learn crucial things they will need to know throughout the fashion design process. It also comes with garment templates so that a designer doesn’t have to keep drawing the same silhouettes over and over. That means you can design faster.


Digital Fashion Pro also comes with Digital Fabrics so that you don’t have to just use regular RGB or CMYK colors. Using digital fabrics gives designs a more realistic look. You can create 2D flat sketches with it which is the industry standard for getting designs made. You can design a host of clothing styles with it from jeans, T-shirts, dresses, hoodies, shoes, handbags, coats and more with it. Another cool aspect is you can use a Digital Print and put it inside of your sketch easily. This trick is very hard to do with a pencil however with clothing design software such as Digital Fashion Pro this is easily done. Designing clothing on the computer is an awesome experience because you can do so much to your sketches to really bring them to life. See the Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Sketch below:

Leggings created with Clothing Design Software

Clothing design software is a must for any clothing designer or clothing line. Make sure you company is using one today. A great one to look into that is affordable and produces professional fashion sketches is Digital Fashion Pro found Here. To see example fashion sketches created with clothing design software see the Style and News Blog Here.


Digital Fashion Pro is one of the best fashion and clothing design programs in the world which is why it is used by countless designers, clothing lines, fashion industry personnel and schools.


— Article by Michael Harper – Co-Founder of / Fashion Designer / Author / Entrepreneur

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