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Clothing Manufacturers to Make Your Clothing Line - Get It Made!

You are in the right place. We make finding clothing manufacturers to make your clothing line super easy by putting over 500 fashion contacts and private label clothing factories right at your fingertips! The Harper Arrington Ultimate Fashion Contact List eBook Features 500 Clothing Manufacturers and fashion contacts from all around the world. You will be able to find garment manufacturers that make basically anything you want for your clothing line or label. Our list is updated every year to make sure you have current information on manufacturers. In fact, we even add extra listings to offset any clothing manufacturers whose information may have changed. Our goal is to deliver a great list of clothing factories that can make your line to you so that all of the heavy researching is no more. What also makes this a very cool list is you can click right through to most of their websites so you can get visuals of the type of clothing each manufacturer makes. It is super easy to email them and get the ball started. Getting your production made or even getting your clothing samples produced becomes super easy!

Just make sure you know exactly how the business goes before you start contacting apparel manufacturers. That is very important and sometimes it is even overlooked by new designers. Make sure you check out the #1 Book on how to start a clothing line, the Official Guide, in addition to this list. Don’t assume you know everything. You want to be on the safe side when it comes to getting your clothing made. Our site has a number of Fashion Business Resources that you can help you succeed in the fashion business. Finding clothing manufacturers is only one aspect of creating and launching a successful clothing line. We even have Packages where you can get this list free. Now Get This Incredible eBook Below plus our red hot Clothing Retailers List eBooks below.


The Ultimate List eBook - 500 Fashion Industry Manufacturers and Contacts at your fingertips. Find a company to make your clothing line!

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Customer Testimonial

“Thanks for putting together such a great list! I was able to find a manufacturer for my line who could start off making small orders for me until my line gets bigger! Thanks again.”

- Josh Wright, California

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Get this fabulous eBook Contact list with 500 red hot fashion industry contacts

Featuring Clothing Manufacturers from all over the world! China, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, UK, Canada, South Korea, Istanbul, Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Singapore and more!

Specializing in: denim, jeans, sweaters, hats, buttons, shoes, designer glasses, handbags and more, plus screen printers, embroidery services, blank T-shirt sellers, blank hat sellers, graders, and more! Some of these manufacturers have worked with famous brand names that you have definitely heard of like Akademiks, XOXO, Pepe, JC Penny, Walmart, Tommy Hilfiger, Dickies and more top brands.

Also get: Denim Wash Houses, PR and Marketing Companies, Tradeshows, Fabric Suppliers and more. Never has finding the right manufacturer been easy! Some of the clothing manufacturers listed even produce small quantities. We know how important that is to many clothing line start-ups.

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Or get this eBook Free with All Business Package or Fashion Mogul Package!

Important: You can download this eBook immediately after your purchase. Your invoice will contain a link to download this eBook.

The Clothing Retailers List eBook - Plot out your clothing line distribution strategy with this list.

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Featuring 1600 Retail Locations throughout the USA. Over 200 pages of stores carrying all type of brands from Juicy Couture, Guess, Pepe, RocaWear, True Religion, Seven, Sean John and more.

Now that you have your line, who do you sell it to? What stores sell your type of clothing? Look no further. This list is for you!

You can use this list to target some of the stores that you will want your line sold in

Use this list to create your mailing list to send information on your line to and more

Learn who are some of the hottest stores in the country and more

Lines carried by these retailers include: Couture, Dress Clothes, Urban Hip Hop, European Couture, Skateboard, Baby Clothing, Kids Clothing, Bridal, and more.

Store listings include department stores, chain stores, mom and pop stores, mall stores, and web retailers.

This eBook is a must for all clothing lines looking to sell products nationally!

Get this eBook Free with All Business Package or Fashion Mogul Package!

Important: You can download this eBook immediately after your purchase. Your invoice will contain a link to download this eBook.

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Working with Garment Manufacturers  / Clothing Factories

Finding the right garment manufacturer is a reward to any clothing company. A manufacturer that will do great work and respect your organization. When a manufacturer understands your company’s needs they will do their best to accommodate you and help your brand grow in the marketplace.

There is one thing that new designers and fashion companies should keep in mind. Manufacturers don’t have to work with you. They can only work with so many people at a time. They believe in weeding out companies that they don’t see as top notch in many cases. This is especially true of companies that are already working with famous brand names.

It is important that new clothing lines and designers understand how to exactly to develop a business relationship with manufacturers. It is not as always cut and dry as many new designers think. Some new designers feel like all they need is a manufacturer and their company is set for success. This is hardly the case.

There are certain do’s and don’ts that new designers should be aware of. Failure to know certain things will result in your company being passed over by a good manufacturer or even worst - not giving you their best in manufacturing. With The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line - we teach new designers how to successfully approach manufacturers. The information provided is priceless. Once you have read The Official Guide and followed the steps you will be ready to successfully communicate your needs to manufacturers. You may even be able to get them to do the type of quantities you need them to do.

So have fun beginning your fashion line and remember. There is nothing like taking the first step towards your dream.

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