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Fashion Business Books, Fashion Industry Books Products For Clothing Lines and Designing products make starting & designing your clothing line easier by giving you the business tools you need to be successful. Our clients spend less money starting their line because they know exactly what to do. Start Your Line The Right Way Today With Our Industry Trusted Resources!

The Official Step By Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Course - 4th Edition. The Official Step by Step Guide contains 3 Books merged into one big book! It is the original Official Step by Step Guide to Starting A Clothing Line + The Reality of Owning and Operaring Your Own Clothing Line + How to Effectively Sell Your Clothing Line to Retailers Book.

fashion business books

Other topics include:

How to set your clothing business up - and create your business plan. How to trademark your company logo.

How to work with clothing manufacturers so that you get the most out of the relationship without losing money. How to get manufacturers to do small quantities.

How to ensure product quality and what to look for. How to import your clothing into your country and much more!

Don’t let your clothing line fall victim to lack of real fashion industry knowledge and training - Get the #1 Book on starting a line - The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Course Now! It will be the best investment you make! This book will help you launch your line the right way, so that you can know exactly how to begin building your fashion empire.

This is the course book that will help you launch your clothing line in a big way like a pro! This guide is a very informative step by step book that will educate you on how to create your own clothing line from scratch the right way and the most least expensive way. It covers everything you need to know and more! It will teach you how to cut corners and save a lot of money along the way. 233 Pages! This course will also show you how to raise the capital you need to fund your clothing line.

You will also learn about the everyday problems clothing line owners face in the fashion industry, and how to triumph over them to achieve success. Get the 10 Keys to success in fashion, as well as the top 10 things you definitely have to avoid to stay in business. This book will keep you ahead and give you the edge over most companies in the business

If you want your line in stores - you will be glad you read this book first. You will learn the ins and outs of selling your line to retailers. Learn the jargon and more! Learn the do’s and don’ts of selling your line. Store owners have revealed what they look for in new lines and this book has it all right at your fingertips!

This book is like having a personal mentor based on the way it walks you step by step through the maze of the fashion industry so that you can be confident about going fourth with your line. It also covers how to design your line, creating spec sheets, line sheets, clothing line business plan, selling your line, marketing your line, getting manufacturers to make small quantities and much more. This book is the best investment you can make if your goal is to build a successful fashion brand.

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fashion industry books


Here is what a Fashion Academy Department Head stated about the Official Guide:

“... a real-world manual to starting a fashion business for any apparel designer.  The Official Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line is a comprehensive handbook for fashion entrepreneurs, and having the inside track from two successful designers who started from the ground floor is absolutely inspiring!”

--Julie P. Fashion Design Chair, International Academy of Design and Technology - MI Campus.

The Fashion Business Center CD - Create Your Own Spec Sheets & More

This product contains items needed to get your clothing line made!

Fashion Business Center CD

System Requirements:

Microsoft Excel and Word - 97 or later. You can still watch the training videos without having Excel or Word on your computer. However, you will need those programs once you get ready to use the templates. You will need up to 500 MB on your hard drive if you choose to load the videos on your computer.

Why was this product created?

The Fashion Business Center was created to give fashion entrepreneurs the financial tools and training needed to successfully plan out a clothing line, execute spec sheets, catalogs, line sheets, tradeshows, style forecasting and much more.

The Fashion Business Center is the ultimate tool that fashion entrepreneurs have been waiting for. Your life as a new clothing line owner has just gotten easier. With our 1 Book Course and The Fashion Business Center - you will be well on your way!

This tool will also come in handy while you are creating your business plan. This tool takes the guess work totally out the financial planning of getting your clothing line off the ground.

how much money do i need to start a clothing line spec sheet for fashion spec sheets - line sheets - for the fashion business center grading templates fashion industry training

Spec Sheets / Tech Packs: If you want to get your clothing line made there are few things you need. You need sketches (regular and technical sketches) + a spec sheet detailing your design. The Fashion Business Center helps with the Spec Sheet issue. It has a host of specification sheet templates so that you can add details about how to make your line. This document is the single most important thing you need to get your clothing made. Order the Fashion Business Center today if you are planning on getting your line made. Plus it contains must more helpful information!

The Financial Course aspect of the Fashion Business Center CD was created because many designers think that starting a fashion business is lead by the creative side (designing) when in reality it is the numbers that dictate just how far you can go creatively. Many new lines fail because they don’t meet the challenge of cohesively managing creativity with sound financial principles. This product will teach just how to achieve that balance and greater equip your clothing line to achieve success. This tool could easily be the heart beat of your business. After you finish the course aspect of The Fashion Business Center CD you will come away with the following below:

  • Just how much money you will need to start your clothing line
  • How many styles can you bring out on your budget
  • What are all of the factors that go into planning out your financial strategy when it comes to a clothing line.
  • How to create, work, and distribute spec sheets to manufacturers
  • How many stores you will need to make your line a success
  • Virtually every kind of fashion related document that you will need is here at your disposal
  • and much more!

This tool ties together what you learn in our 1 Book How to Start a Clothing Line Course and Digital Fashion Pro and gets you totally ready to succeed in the Fashion Industry! There is no other tool like The Fashion Business Center in the world! It is imperative that you have this fantastic tool.


Get a host of fashion documents / templates that you will need from spec sheets to line sheets, from order forms to a custom built income statement forecast templates specifically designed for the fashion entrepreneur and much more! You will even learn how to create databases for mass mailings! This is the business tool you have been waiting for!

Just $125 on Sale Today!  Regular Price $150

books on the apparel business

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books on the clothing business


* Digital Fashion Pro - Design Fashion Sketches For Your Line

fashion business books

Design Men’s and Women’s Clothing like Jeans, Dresses, Slacks, T-shirts, Coats, Shoes, Handbags, Jackets, Suits, Lingerie, Swimwear, Sportswear, Underwear, Bras, Polo's, and more. See Digital Fashion Pro Now!

how to start your own clothing line
Design my own clothes online
fashion illustration - tshirt
fashion sketches - Denim Jeans
clothing design models
Design Dresses with Digital Fashion Pro + Dress Factory Upgrade
Design Sportswear with DF-Pro + Outerwear Upgrade
design a wedge heel
design your own handbags  with DF-Pro + Handbag Upgrade

Click Here to See the Fashion Design Software Digital Fashion Pro

The Ultimate List E-Book - Over 400 Fashion Industry Manufacturers and Contacts at your fingertips. Get a manufacturers to make your clothing line - even small quantities!

fashion industry books

Customer Testimonial

“Thanks for putting together such a great list! I was able to find a manufacturer for my line who could start off making small orders for me until my line gets bigger! Thanks again.”

- Josh Wright, California

Get this fabulous E-Book Contact list with over 400 red hot fashion industry contacts

Featuring over 275 manufacturers from all over the world! China, Hong Kong, US (Domestic), Korea, Istanbul, Pakistan, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Singapore and more!

Specializing in: denim, jeans, sweaters, hats, buttons, shoes, designer glasses, handbags and more, plus screen printers, embroidery services, blank T-shirt sellers, blank hat sellers, graders, and more! Some of these manufacturers have worked with famous brand names that you have definitely heard of like Akademiks, XOXO, Pepe, JC Penny, Walmart, Tommy Hilfiger, Dickies and more.

Also get: Denim Wash Houses, PR and Marketing Companies, Tradeshows, Fabric Suppliers and more.

Never has finding the right manufacturer been easy! Some of the manufacturers listed even produce small quantities.

The Starting a Clothing Line Quick Kit - Ultimate List Bonus. Here is a short list of features:

  • Introduction to Starting Your Line
  • How the Fashion Design Process works all the way to how to get your clothing made
  • How and where to sell your line
  • Effective ways to market and advertise your clothing line right now
  • Over 60 additional Clothing Manufacturing Contacts Free
  • Note: This E-book is not the same as our 1 Book Official Starting a Clothing Line Course. This E-book works in harmony with that Course. It does not replace it. Both are recommended reading.
  • Get this Free $49 E-Book inside of the Ultimate List! Act Now!

Get this amazing E-Book For Just $125 On Sale Today! Regularly $150

get someone to make my clothing  line

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Or get this E-Book Free with All Business Package or Fashion Mogul Package!

Important: You can download this E-Book immediately after your purchase. Your invoice will contain a link to download this E-Book.


The Clothing Retailers List E-Book - Plot out your distribution strategy with this list.

fashion business books

Featuring over 1600 Retail Locations throughout the USA. Over 200 pages of stores carrying all type of brands from Juicy Couture, Guess, Pepe, RocaWear, True Religion, Seven, Sean John and more.

Now that you have your line, who do you sell it to? What stores sell your type of clothing? Look no further. This list is for you!

You can use this list to target some of the stores that you will want your line sold in

Use this list to create your mailing list to send information on your line to and more

Learn who are some of the hottest stores in the country and more

Lines carried by these retailers include: Couture, Dress Clothes, Urban Hip Hop, European Couture, Skateboard, Baby Clothing, Kids Clothing, Bridal, and more.

Store listings include department stores, chain stores, mom and pop stores, mall stores, and web retailers.

fashion business books

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Important: You can download this E-Book immediately after your purchase. Your invoice will contain a link to download this E-Book.

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Ready To Start Your Own Clothing Line?

Become a part of the exciting world of fashion today! Affordable solutions for your budget! The packages featured below on this page pair our world class fashion business resources and books that teach people how to start their own clothing lines with the Digital Fashion Pro Design System and Upgrades.  To see Digital Fashion Pro Only packages - Click Here. You can't go wrong with one of our Design and Business Packages because no matter how you look at it - you are getting what you need plus a lot of free extras that will come in handy!


How to Start Your Own Clothing Business Course On Sale - el1

1) The How To Start A Clothing Line - Business Tools Package - 4 Items! - Get the tools to help you start and run your clothing line effectively plus manufacturers to make it!

Turn your fashion dreams into serious business with our signature How to Start a Clothing Line Course / Package!

the official step by step guide to starting a clothing line ultimate list logo 2008-2 - lg box
Retail List Book - lg box
Fashion Business Center - Lg

Click on any icon to learn more.

What all comes in this package?

1. The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line - Book. Regularly $150

2. The Ultimate List E-Book - 400 fashion industry contacts - including manufacturers and more. $150 Value!

3. The Clothing Retailer Location List - E-Book - featuring over 1600 retail locations - $75 Value Free!

4. The Fashion Business Center CD - Spec Sheets, Line Sheets, Financial Tools and more! Regularly $150

On Sale Today for $249 - Save Over $300 Instantly!  Regular Price $549

fashion design package

* Benefits of Buying The Starting A Clothing Line Business Course Pack: With this package you will be able to get all of our signature business tools that will guide you through the entire creation of your own clothing line - all the way to getting it made, in stores and more. This information is very valuable and will take you a long way towards creating a successful clothing line and avoiding pitfalls.

Our Clients spend far less money starting their lines than people who do not. The reason is our clients know exactly what to do.


2) * Buy The Fashion Mogul Package  -  Digital Fashion Pro Industry + Start A Line Pack

The Ultimate Design / Business Package! 10 Items!  - On Sale Today Only!

Are you ready to take the Fashion Industry by Storm? The Fashion Mogul Package of Design & Business Tools will walk you step by step through starting your own clothing line, designing it, getting it made and in stores! Arm yourself with the best design & fashion business tools on the market! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to save and get the most powerful fashion entrepreneurship tools available for clothing line owners and designers. You will get Digital Fashion Pro Industry (6 Items) + The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Book + The Ultimate List of Manufacturers E-Book + Retailers List E-Book + The Fashion Business Center CD which features Spec and Line Sheet Templates, tutorials and more! Even if you have never designed before or you're a beginner - this package will get you where you want to be with your line. Imaging having software to design your line plus tools to help you start your line - you will be unstoppable!  Hurry - this price is only good for today! Order Now!

digital fashion pro, software for clothing design, software used in fashion industry

 System Requirements

digital fashion pro, fashion design software, clothing design
how to start a clothing line

How to start, make, sell & market your clothing line.

how design clothing, fashion design software, digital fashion pro
Style Pack 1 of jpeg-sm
ultimate list of manufacturers E-Book

Over 400 clothing manufacturers from around the world to make your line.

how to create denim clothing designs, fashion design software, digital fashion pro
Shoe & Accessories Pack 1 - of - jpeg-sm
Retail List E-Book

Free E-book of over 1600 Retailers that you can approach to sell your line to.

fashion fabrics, digital fashion pro, clothing designs
customer satisfaction

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Buy Digital Fashion Pro Business Class
how to create my own spec sheets for my clothing, harper arrington, fashion business center

Spec & line sheet templates, business documents and more!


* Benefits of Buying The Fashion Mogul Package: With this package you will be able to take advantage of the extra training and templates that will help you excel in the art & business of fashion design. You'll have all the tools necessary to get your line manufactured and more.

This is a terrific value for the person / company that not only want to design but also need the capability to do various design task associated with designing a clothing line. Get Digital Fashion Pro & practically all the upgrades at a discount bundle price.

You will get all of our signature business tools that will guide you through the entire creation of your own clothing line - all the way to getting it made, in stores. This information is very valuable! Plus this purchase is tax deductible as a business expense. You can't lose!

Our Mission / Customer Reviews

Our mission here at since the beginning has been to help people start and design their own clothing lines by offering great information and products that empower those with a passion for fashion to go after their dreams successfully. We are happy to share with you a few of the testimonials that we have received on Digital Fashion Pro and products. We are proud to have made a difference in so many lives around the world. We say thank you to our clients and thanks for sharing your stories with us.

Digital Fashion Pro Reviews

"Thanks for the products as easy as putting on shoes everything is so easy to do”

- Brandon Woods

"I'm happy with my DFPro it has been a good help. The Fashion Guide is another good source of information, both helping me to achieve my goal in the fashion industry. Thanks"

- Nora Jones

"The product is great. I really like it"

- Matthew Schor

Thank you so much for creating the Digital Fashion Pro software! It has been a joy to work with. I wanted to share one of my creations! Many Blessings!!”

- Tessian Dobbins shares this via our Page

Love my Digital Fashion Pro software guys! SG by Tasha Franklin”

- Tasha Franklin shares this via our Page

“ I purchased the business pack from you 3 months ago. It’s been wonderful. I’ve learned so much already. Prior to buying the Fashion Mogul Package I wanted to start my line but I didn’t know how. I had an associate of mine who knew how to draw but he wanted to charge me too much to do my designs. I talked to a few other people and decided it would be best and cheaper if I just learned how to do it myself. That’s when I came across your site. Glad I found you. Now I’m really making progress and Digital Fashion Pro has been great to work with. I’m now approaching manufacturers to get my samples made. Thanks guys!”

- Jimmy Larson

Read more reviews and testimonials here. - Unlocking the doors to the Fashion Industry!

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