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Digital Fashion Pro - Fashion Design Software

The Most Powerful and Super Easy to Use Fashion & Clothing Design System In The World. Design Your Clothing Line!

Create amazing professional fashion sketches in minutes even if you can’t draw! Start designing your own clothing line, fashion collection and manufacturer-ready sketches today with Digital Fashion Pro!

System Features: Step by Step Training, Hundreds of Clothing Templates, Models and Digital Fabrics Wrapped in One!

Design Your Own Men’s & Women’s T-shirts, Jeans, Dresses, Shirts, Sweaters, Handbags, Leggings, Jackets, Shoes, Kid's Clothing & More!

Are You Starting a Clothing Line? We Recommend Our Fashion Mogul Package. Great News - It is on Sale Today! See It Below!

digital fashion pro - fashion design software
Design Clothing with Fashion Design Software Create_Professional_Fashion_Sketches fashion_design_software_that_is_easy_to_use digital fashion pro,  you don't need to know how to draw to design clothes fashion_design_software_used_by_schools-_beginners_and_designers
Fashion Designer Sketch 1 - Dress Design Fashion Designer Sketch 2 - Dress Designer - Digital Fashion Pro
fashion design software Fashion Designer Sketch 3 - Clothing Design Software - Digital Fashion Pro

Go From Aspiring Fashion Designer To Pro With Digital Fashion Pro

Digital Fashion Pro V9 is a powerful CAD Fashion Design Software System for today's professional and aspiring fashion designers who want a  program that can design cutting edge designs without limitations at a great price.  Digital Fashion Pro is SUPER EASY TO USE plus it delivers professional fashion illustrations that are above & beyond industry standards.  Digital Fashion Pro is used by hundreds of schools, companies, designers & beginners around the world.


So whether you're an established fashion designer or company, fashion teacher / school, or even just a true beginner trying to realize your fashion dreams - Digital Fashion Pro can help you accomplish your fashion objectives in a way unlike any other tool or method can!  No sewing or drawing skills required to use!  Digital Fashion Pro allows you to design clothing like a pro!  Digital Fashion Pro was created to give you the ability to design any fashion style you want easily and effectively, even if you have no prior experience.  It comes with simple / easy to follow instructions that will teach you how to design clothing in stride. 


It creates manufacturer approved fashion sketches so that you can send your clothing sketches to your apparel manufacturer with ease and confidence so they can make your clothing line.  Create great looking, highly detailed fashion sketches in minutes right on your computer!  Digital Fashion Pro can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. Whether your design aesthetic is clean and simple, classic, edgy, slogan driven or consist of beautiful prints - Digital Fashion Pro has you covered.  You can now begin designing the clothing collection that you have been envisioning.  Get your fashion ideas out your head and into the real world with Digital Fashion Pro Today!  Order this fantastic system below.

Jean Designer, jean design software by Digital Fashion Pro

Design Any Type of Clothing Style With Digital Fashion Pro Basic & Upgrades! 

While Basic comes with vast library of Men and Women’s Clothing Templates for T-shirts, pants, shorts, polo’s, tanks, leggings, basic tops, buttons, pockets, hangtags & hardware - the expanded Library Packs & Upgrades allow you to design additional styles of clothing like Dresses, Coats, Shoes, Handbags, Yoga Pants, Trendy Women's Tops,  Hats, Swimsuits, Lingerie, Underwear, Bras, Sports Tops, Jackets, Vest, Hoodies, Cardigans, Sweaters, Jogging Suits, Costume Designer, Business Attire, Scarves, Eyewear, Socks, Baby / Children’s Clothing and more. As a complete system (Basic + Upgrades), DFPro fashion design software can pretty much design any clothing style. If you have been wondering how to design clothing then DF-Pro is for you! See Sketches & Textures up close in our style galleries.  *See Larger Sketch Examples - Gallery 1,   Demo Video.


Model Templates: After designing your clothing you can put them on the included Digital Fashion Pro female and male model templates to get the total look for your styles.  Models come in a variety of skin tones, hair style files etc. that you can customize any way you want.  Models come in front and backside view as do the clothing templates.  We also offer Runway, Red Carpet and Side Model Poses as optional upgrades.  Create Couture, High Fashion, Active Wear, Ready-to-Wear, Outerwear, Urban, Sleepwear, Costumes & More!  So stop procrastinating and start designing the fashion line you envision.  There is no better time than now!

Dress Design Software by Digital Fashion Pro
Apparel Line Sheet Example - by Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Design Software - 400w-lr
clothing design

* Features & How Digital Fashion Pro Can Help You Design Your Line

  • You will be creating your own fashion sketches in minutes
  • Designed to be Super Easy so that true beginners can learn and use
  • Perfect for Aspiring Fashion Designers, Professionals, Companies, & Schools
  • Your designs will be in an industry standard format for manufacturers
  • Fashion Course and Design System wrapped in one
  • Ability to Print Your Fashion Illustrations & Clothing Sketches
  • Use Digital Fabric to make your designs look realistic plus see fabric texture
  • Ability to add prints, text, fabrics, slogans, logos, photos, artwork to your designs
  • Thousands of Customizable Vector Clothing Templates!
  • E-Training Guide + Design Training Video - featuring step by step instruction
  • Use Included Models to show how your designs should fit a real person
  • You have full control over your designs. Be as creative as you want to be
  • No prior experience or drawing skills necessary 
  • Use sketches to create catalogs, line and technical sheets, portfolios
  • Use it to design your own clothing line or freelance design
  • Showcase your designs to investors, buyers and more
  • Design For Men, Women, Kids, Toddlers, Shoes, Handbags etc.
  • Expandable with optional upgrades - Design Any Clothing Style!
  • Free Technical Support
  • You order it here - it gets delivered to your door. You install it! You design!
Design clothing for fashion label
How Does Digital Fashion Pro Work?

Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software System - is a complete all-in-one professional system featuring a basic fashion design course (training), collection of custom built vector garment templates (front and backs), hangtags, pockets, hardware, models, design techniques, Digital FabricTM  and an independent graphics application provided free of charge that when combined create realistic looking clothing sketches that resemble actual garments.  You just install Digital Fashion Pro plus the free graphics application provided on your computer and you are ready to go! Digital Fashion Pro was created by fashion designers which is why the program delivers everything a fashion designer needs to be successful at designing, and accomplishing all of the standard processes involved in creating and producing a clothing line.  Digital Fashion Pro is more than a software - it is also a true fashion design course that teaches you the skill of designing and fashion illustration.  This aspect of the Digital Fashion Pro is perfect for beginners.  Advance level clients and all users will benefit from the ease of use of the program and the ability to create professional fashion sketches.


Digital Fashion Pro templates can be customized and altered to create any vision that you may have, so you're never just stuck with a template. You have the freedom to change the templates, make  them your own, and create fabulous designs in minutes!  Plus our Basic Models and clothing templates are 2D Flats / T-Shape which is the approved format that manufacturers need to have your sketches in when constructing your clothing.  Manufacturers prefer professional digital sketches over hand sketches to achieve accuracy.  Digital Fashion Pro Fashion Sketches will help your manufacturer create your prototypes, samples and production.  You can also put your logos and artwork on your sketches to show your manufacturer the placement of your artwork etc.  See how Digital Fashion Pro works here - Watch Demo Video.  Now aren't you excited that today your about to be on your way to designing?  Digital Fashion Pro is the easy to use system that you have been looking for.

How Digital Fashion Pro Can Help You Get Your Clothing Made - Manufacturer-Ready Sketches

Digital Fashion Pro can be used to create technical sketches such as the sketch shown below.  Technical Sketches along with regular fashion sketches (both created with precision with DF-Pro) are the foundation / first step in getting your clothing line made at a clothing factory.  Your regular Fashion Sketch, Technical Sketch and Specification Sheets are the items needed by your manufacturer or seamstress in order for them to make your clothing.  Digital Fashion Pro, Beyond the Basics Upgrade + Our Fashion Business Center can help you get your clothing designs in the approved manufacturing format.  Read article on how to start a clothing line.


We teach you how to create technical sketches on the Spec Tutorial located the Beyond the Basics Upgrade.  If you need a better understanding of the fashion design process / garment measurements etc. - please read this article: The fashion design process - how to send sketches to manufacturers and get your clothing made.  You can even design your labels and buttons with Digital Fashion Pro.  Together these items make up your tech pack. Manufacturers need your tech pack in order to begin manufacturing your clothing line.

digital fashion pro technical sketches

Technical Sketch Example


Who Uses Digital Fashion Pro - Industry Clients / Schools / Charities We Support

Digital Fashion Pro is used by some of the leading Professional Fashion Designers, Clothing Lines, Design Companies, Aspiring Fashion Designers, Costume Designers, Freelancers, Stylist, Graphic Artist, Colleges, High Schools and true beginners in fashion. Many of our education sector clients teach and use DFP in their CTE and FCS Apparel Design Classes. Digital Fashion Pro is currently in use by over 300 high schools and colleges. We are very proud that our resources help and aid our diverse client base.

StartingAClothingLine.com supports numerous charities such as Dress For Success, YouthVille, The Children’s Gallery & Art Center, Sew Creative Preparatory, Inc., Fashion Arts & Youth Enterprises Inc., After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles and many more.

Order Digital Fashion Pro Below

Digital Fashion Pro Super Sale Banner 2016 Regular - no free ship - 1000w

Order Wtih Confidence - Safe & Secure Ordering Protected by GeoTrust SSL. We Accept:

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1) Buy Digital Fashion Pro V9 Basic - Get Digital Fashion Pro V8 Basic Fashion Design Software which comes on DFP USB Flash Drive for Windows Users & Mac Users. Includes Digital Fashion Pro Basic Clothing Templates, Model Templates, Fabrics and Training.

Digital Fashion Pro

Just $199 - On Sale Today! Regularly $399. Save $200 Instantly!

Buy Digital Fashion Pro

Order Now Before Sale Ends!

Are you a Fashion Teacher or School - See Our Academic Edition

Computer Requirements

We guarantee our product works!

 V9 Basic Edition Includes These Hot Features:

  • Men and Women Clothing Templates featuring basic fronts and backs of: T-shirts, Pants, Shorts, Tanks, Polo’s
  • Create Skinny Jeans, Leggings, Yoga Pants, Flare, Regular fit, Wide Leg, Low Rise, High Rise and more!
  • Over 300 Clothing Templates are included
  • Male and Female T-Shape Models (Front & Back) with a variety of skin tones & hair styles + New Side Pose Model
  • 105 Digital Fabric Files featuring: Cottons, Velour, Terry Cloth, Nylon, Thermal, Camouflage, Denim, Khaki, and Knits
  • Pockets, Hangtags, Hardware & Zipper Templates
  • 120 Minutes of Video Tutorials + Electronic PDF Guide with Screen Shots - Step by step instruction
  • Digital Fashion Pro comes on DFP USB Drive and Works With Windows & Mac Operating Systems
Menswear-png Womenswear-png

2) Buy Digital Fashion Pro V9 Business Class Fashion Design Software - Includes Digital Fashion Pro Basic V9 + Digital Fabric Library 1 + Style Pack 1 + Beyond the Basics. 4 Items! Price & package is subject to change without notice. Order Now! Save Big With Packages!

Digital Fashion Pro Business Class - jpgsm
Menswear-png Womenswear-png Baby-clothing-png

Design Men’s and Women’s: Tops, Pants, Shorts, leggings, Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Jackets, Suits, Swimwear, Lingerie, Sportswear, Baby & Kid Clothing, Hangtags, Buttons + Learn how to create technical sketches and more. Get everything included in Basic Edition + A lot More!

  • Over 600 Templates!
  • Advance Training
  • 1000 Digital Fabrics
  • Business Class or Higher Recommended for Clients Starting a Line

Just $299 - On Sale Today During Our Super Sale! Regularly $750.  Save Over $450 Today!

Buy Digital Fashion Pro Business Class

3) Digital Fashion Pro V9 Industry Edition Package - Includes Digital Fashion Pro Basic V9 + Digital Fabric Library 1 + Style Pack 1 + Beyond the Basics +  Denim Wash Factory + Shoes &  Accessories Upgrade.  6 Items. Price & package is subject to change without notice. Save Big With Packages!

Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition-1-jpgsm
Menswear-png Womenswear-png Baby-clothing-png Handbags-png Shoes-png

Design Men’s and Women’s: Tops, Pants, Shorts, Leggings, Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Jackets, Suits, Swimwear, Lingerie, Sportswear, Baby & Kid Clothing, Hangtags, Buttons, Shoes, Heels Boots. + How to Make Technical Sketches + Advance Fashion Design Software Training.  This package is Perfect for clothing line designers - it gives you the extra knowledge to handle the technical side of designing your line.  Plus you get the red hot Denim Wash Factory to enhance your jean designs.

  • Over 1000 Templates!
  • Advance Training
  • 1000 Digital Fabrics

Just $399 On Sale Today During Our Super 1 Day Sale! Regularly $1150.  Save Over $700 Today!

Buy Digital Fashion Pro Business Class

Are you a Fashion Teacher or School - See Our Academic Edition

4) * Buy The Fashion Mogul Package - The Ultimate Design / Business Package! 10 Items! Include Get Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition + Start a Line Kit!

Turn Your Fashion Ideas Into Reality With This Package!

Are you ready to launch your own line and take the Fashion World by Storm?  The Fashion Mogul Package of Design & Business Tools will walk you step by step through starting your own clothing line, designing it, getting it made and in stores!   Arm yourself with the best design & fashion business tools on the market! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to save and get the most powerful fashion entrepreneurship tools available for clothing line owners and designers.  You will get Digital Fashion Pro Industry Edition V9 (6 Items) + The Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Book   +   The Ultimate List of Manufacturers eBook - 500 Manufacturers that can make your line + Retailers List eBook   +   The Fashion Business Center which features Spec and Line Sheet Templates, tutorials and more! Even if you have never designed before or you're a beginner - this package will get you where you want to be with your line.

Fashion Mogul - Start Your Own Clothing Line - Product Image - FI-1
Menswear-png Womenswear-png Baby-clothing-png Handbags-png Shoes-png

Features & Benefits of The Fashion Mogul Package:


1. You will know how to start your clothing line from scratch or greatly enhance the line that you have already started

2. You will have the tools that you will need in each step of the fashion design process of getting your clothing made

3. You will be able to design Men's and Women's Clothing such as Tees, Jeans, Dresses, Skirts, Swimwear, Shoes, Handbags, Pants, Jogging Suits, Sportswear, Hoodies, Business Attire, Tops, Lingerie, Sweaters and More

4. You will be able to not only find a manufacturer to make your line but how to effectively conduct business with them

5. You will learn how to effectively sell your collections to apparel retailers

6. There are so many benefits of having this package that we can't name them all!

Just $475  On Sale Today During Our Super 1 Day Sale! Regular Piece Price is $1199. Save Over $1000! Don’t miss this incredible deal. It will expire without notice.

Buy Digital Fashion Pro Business Class

System Requirements

Note: Retailers List eBook has no monetary value inside of this package.

Need to Split the Payment - Fashion Mogul 2 Payment Option

2 Payment Plan on Fashion Mogul Package

- 1st Payment $300, 2nd Payment $200


1st Payment Covers 5 of 10 Items (Physical Shipment)

1. Digital Fashion Pro Basic
2. Beyond the Basics
3. Digital Fabric Library
4. Fashion Business Center
5. Official Step by Step Guide to Starting a Clothing Line Course (Book)

Order Mogul Payment 1 - $300 + Shipping


2nd Payment Covers Balance 5 of 10 Items - (All Delivered Electronically)

1. Style Pack 1 Upgrade
2. Shoes & Accessories Upgrade
3. Denim Wash Upgrade
4. Ultimate Fashion Contact List e Book of 500 Manufacturers
5. Retailers List eBook (free - no monetary value)

Note: 1st Payment Must be made first. 2nd Payment must be made within 60 days of Payment 1 or additional fees may apply.

Order Mogul Payment 2 - $200 Free Shipping

The Style Blast Package - 18 Items!

Design Over 1,000 Styles! 

All Of Our Fashion Design and Business Items In One Package! 

Industry Leader Package Start a clothing line - Product Icon - 2 - FI

This package has the Full Suite of Digital Fashion Pro and Upgrades. That's right! All of the model poses, clothing templates, digital fabrics and more! Plus it has our clothing line business kit. Do it all with this incredible fashion design and fashion business package. Get The Complete Edition of Digital Fashion Pro + All of the Latest Upgrades! + It is ON SALE TODAY!


Get Everything In The Clothing Line Creator Package + 8 More Items: Storyboard Creator Upgrade (Features 2 Extra Models - Runway & Side View Pose + Supporting Templates) + Dress 2B Upgrade, Mega Vector Art Pack (200 Art Files to Use In Your Designs) + Digital Prints Pack Fabrics + Red Carpet Pose & Supporting Templates + Women's Heels 2 Upgrade + Style Pack 2 Upgrade (Rompers, Wrap Dresses, Blouses) + Unisex Dress Suit Jackets & Blazer Collection


Regular Price When Each Item is Totaled Separately: $1499

On Sale Today for $675 During Our Super 1 Day Sale + Free Shipping Today!

Hurry before this special offer ends!

Buy Digital Fashion Pro Business Class

See All of Our Fashion Design Products Here

Are You a Beginner & Starting Your Own Clothing Line? Here Is How Digital Fashion Pro Can Help!

Misha M - Digital Fashion Pro Client Testimonial - 1w - w photo
What Our StartingAclothingline.com Customers Say about us and Digital Fashion Pro - Icon -2

“Digital Fashion Pro Customer Reviews:

We are happy to share with you a few of the testimonials that we have received on Digital Fashion Pro and StartingAClothingLine.com products. We say thank you to our clients for sharing their stories with us.

“Happy with the digital pro design. We LOVE LOVE LOVE IT”

- Kiada Design


"Thanks for the products as easy as putting on shoes everything is so easy to do”

- Brandon Woods


"I'm happy with my DFPro it has been a good help. The Fashion Guide is another good source of information, both helping me to achieve my goal in the fashion industry. Thanks"

- Nora Jones


"The product is great. I really like it"

- Matthew Schor

Tessian Leaks - Digital Fashion Pro Client - Fashion Designer -200w

Thank you so much for creating the Digital Fashion Pro software! It has been a joy to work with. I wanted to share one of my creations! Many Blessings!!”

- Tessian Dobbins


Love my Digital Fashion Pro software guys! SG by Tasha Franklin”

- Tasha Franklin


“ I purchased the business pack from you 3 months ago. It’s been wonderful. I’ve learned so much already. Prior to buying the Fashion Mogul Package I wanted to start my line but I didn’t know how. I had an associate of mine who knew how to draw but he wanted to charge me too much to do my designs. I talked to a few other people and decided it would be best and cheaper if I just learned how to do it myself. That’s when I came across your site. Glad I found you. Now I’m really making progress and Digital Fashion Pro has been great to work with. I’m now approaching manufacturers to get my samples made. Thanks guys!”

- Jimmy Larson


Read More Digital Fashion Pro Reviews Here

My Fashion Design high school class learned to use the Digital Fashion Pro Basic. Together we went through the steps of learning the program designing individual t-shirts, then each student designed their own outfit of top and pants / shorts. They were asked to be a creative as possible.

They loved it! Many wanted to do more – dresses, shoes, children's clothes, handbags, etc. I told them we needed to upgrade to the Academic Version to do this for the future and many signed up to take an advanced course so they can work with the program again."

- Barbara Sill, Creekview High School, Family & Consumer Science, Texas

* Shopping On Site - Safe and Secure / DFP System Requirements

Important! When ordering from us: Shipping and Billing address must match. Shipping address must be the same as the address on your credit card statement! We also ship to PO Boxes if that’s where your credit card bill goes. All orders not meeting these requirements are subject to cancellation. All orders must be signed for at time of arrival or pick up. To use Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software you need any Windows System ( XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 ) with at least 2 GB Ram and 8 free GB of hard disk space. If you have an Apple Computer - Mac Requirements are OS 10.7 or Higher. Detailed System Requirements Here. Orders ship 3 Business Days or less after the day you order. Tracking will be available in your account once shipped.

Shop With Confidence - All transactions are processed using the highest level of secure sockets layer technology and VeriSign during the online ordering process. Your transaction is 100% Safe and Secure with us. We are a US Company but we ship worldwide. Our Products can be used in any country. Prices and packages subject to change without notice.

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The Fashion Design Process - Getting Your Clothing Made

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I want to start my own fashion line, how can I get started?

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