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Design Your Own Designer Jeans!

Design your own Jeans, Design denim clothing, Jean design software, how to start a denim line

Designing jeans is always fun and exciting!. There are a lot of creative things you can do with Jeans. Therefore, how do you go about designing your denim styles or maybe even start your own Jean company like a True Religion Brand?

1. First you need a great graphics program to create your Jean illustrations. We recommend Digital Fashion Pro along with the Denim Wash Factory upgrade for this task. This system is the best Jean designing program ever. It allows you to create realistic looking jeans using real Digital Denim. The Digital Fashion Pro system even teaches you how to do basic designs. Then the Denim Wash Factory teaches how to illustrate special denim treatments and washes on your Jean illustrations which is really cool. This system allows you do design jeans in a way that you never could before. You should definitely check it out!

2. After creating your hot Jean designs you might feel like you want to take it a step further and get them made or even try to freelance your designs.

3. The next order of business after creating Jean illustrations is to learn how to do technical sketches. You can read the article on the fashion design process to learn more about that here.

4.  If you are truly serious and want your own designer denim line - you should invest in the 1 Book Starting a Clothing Line Course offered by Harper Arrington. This course will teach you the ins and outs about how to start and run your own clothing line, or denim jean line and work with various suppliers. The books teach you how to get your clothing in stores and more! Definitely worth checking out.

In close, working with Digital Fashion Pro can definitely help you because it comes with a lot of learning tools to help you learn the program so that you can create killer denim collections. In fact, the designs you see below were created with Digital Fashion Pro.

If you want more information about Digital Fashion Pro - please visit: DigitalFashionPro.com

You have the ability to create any kind of denim styles you want with Digital Fashion Pro

Jean Shorts design
designer denim jean design

DF-Pro Software Presentation

jean design programs
Denin Jacket
mens_jeans_with_denim_wash_effects-el - Jean Design Software - design jeans
denim jeans and bag
design denim jeans
Denim Jean Design - Backside - Design created with Digital Fashion Pro -4 - cutoff-730w
Jay Designed Denim Jeans with Digital Fashion Pro - cu-730lr

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