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“Designing T-shirts is a breeze with Digital Fashion Pro - Fashion Design System. Learn how can get started designing your own T-shirts below.”

Design Your Own T-shirts

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Designing T-shirts is fun and exciting!. There are a lot of creative things you can do with T-shirts. Plus they are relatively expensive to get made. Therefore, how do you go about designing your own T-shirts and maybe even starting your own T-shirt line?

1. You need a graphics program to create your T-shirt Artwork. We recommend Digital Fashion Pro for this task. You can create embroidery, screen-printing, sublimation prints or even artwork for flocking designs.

2. You need a program that you can put your designs onto the T-shirts on your computer so you can see how the design will look on the T-shirt before you get it made. Digital Fashion Pro can also help you in this area.

3. After creating your hot T-shirt designs - the illustration of it and the actual artwork - you are ready to approach a screen printing / embroidery shop or a garment manufacturer.

4. But wait - there’s more. Getting a few T-shirts printed up is fine. If you want to get more serious than that - and really start your own T-shirt Line - you should invest in the 1 Book Starting a Clothing Line Course offered by Harper Arrington. This course will teach you the ins and outs about how to start and run your own clothing line and work with various suppliers.

Now is becoming a T-shirt designer hard? Not really if you’re willing to put in the work and practice. The main thing is you have to put your creativity to use. Also working with Digital Fashion Pro can definitely help you because it comes with a lot of learning tools to help you learn the program. In fact, the designs you see below were created with Digital Fashion Pro.

If you want more information about Digital Fashion Pro or the 1 Book course - please visit: www.StartingaClothingLine.com or SCLStylecom.

You have the ability to create any kind of T-shirt you want with Digital Fashion Pro

Exercise your sense of fashion - If you never try then you will never know. Imagine if Marc Ecko who never went to fashion school - never started off selling T-shirts? Then his fashion company that now has sales in the billions wouldn’t exist. “The bottom line is you never know where life will take you when you start out passionately down a path. If you have always dreamed of designing & having your own fashion line - go for it! The only limits that exist in life are the ones you put on yourself.“ -- Michael H - Co-Founder of Startingaclothingline.com

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design t-shirts
Design my own T-shirts
Design T-shirts

Incorporate your artwork onto the templates with Digital Fashion Pro easily.

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All designs and images featured on this web site were designed by Harper Arrington. This image / design belongs to Harper Arrington and should not be taken or used in any form or fashion without consent. Copyright The Harper Arrington Company.

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Design Your Clothing Line with Digital Fashion Pro. Create Professional Fashion and Technical Sketches to send to manufacturers and more!

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