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Design Your Own Shoes. Shoe Design Video


Video Length: 10:01

Designing shoes is made easy with the shoe designing aspect of Digital Fashion Pro & the Shoes & Accessories CD, you will find a full host of shoe design templates for you to begin to design your own shoes with. There are boots, heels, sneakers, dress shoes and more. Shoe designing as never been better or fun. The process of how to design shoes with Digital Fashion Pro - fashion design software is to first pick a shoe template from the library. Next you begin adding your design elements to the template. You can even change the template to reflect more of your vision. Next you add the Digital Fashion Pro digital fabrics to the design to give the shoe a realistic effect. Next you can begin to add any text designs or logos to your design.

The basic tutorials / training that comes with the program do not deal with shoes directly but the lessons taught can be applied to designing shoes with the system. Overall, shoe illustration with Digital Fashion Pro is very cool and professional. You can achieve professional shoe illustrations with Digital Fashion Pro that can be passed on the manufacturers, used in catalogs etc. Make sure you look at some of the shoe designs below plus watch the shoe designing video. Get ready to design your own shoe line with the help of Digital Fashion Pro and the Shoes & Accessories CD. 

Also make sure you visit www.StartingaClothingLine.com for more information on how to start a clothing line. The same information on the 1 Book starting a clothing line course can help you start your own shoe line. The basic fundamentals of the fashion industry are the same.



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DF-Pro Presentation

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Design Women’s Shoes Upgrade Pack A - New!

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