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So you want to Design Clothing. Here are the steps to designing your own clothing illustrations.

“Learning how to design clothing with Digital Fashion Pro is a snap”

Nothing is more exciting than designing clothing. Creating clothing designs is fun work for the most part. Personally, I like putting on a song and just going for it. Many people aspire to clothing design artist. Clothing design is a multibillion dollar per year industry. So how do you begin to design your own clothing. First you assess your design skills. Can you draw or do you just have images in your head that you struggle to get on paper. Do you hand draw really well but you need to make Digital Sketches for your manufacturer?

There is help for people who can draw and for those that can’t draw at all. The answer is Digital Fashion Pro Clothing Design Software. Designing clothing with Digital Fashion Pro is a breeze. The clothing design program will help you illustrate your clothing design ideas with professional results. Creating clothing sketches can sometimes be done in minutes when you know exactly what you want to design. Here are a few examples of the kind of clothing designs that can be created with Digital Fashion Pro Family of Fashion Design Products: See our gallery of clothing designed with Digital Fashion Pro.

design my own clothing
design clothing design my own clothes

Presentation of DFPro

design clothes design clothing
clothing design software

You can design any type of clothing you want with Digital Fashion Pro. Menswear, ladies and children’s clothing. You can even design shoes with this clothing design software. Create clothing on fashion model templates as shown below as well:

design clothes with Digital Fashion Pro how to design your own clothing witih Digital Fashion Pro Dress clothing design Design clothing

So here’s how you design clothing with Digital Fashion Pro - Clothing Design Software. Step 1: First you grab a clothing template or fashion model template that is close to what you want to design. Then you add your designs to it - seams etc. Then you next add the clothing fabrics from the fabric library of the system. Adding the digital fabric to your clothing designs will help give your design that realistic effect that you see above.

After that you can add more design elements to your clothing plus logo’s etc. It is that simple with Digital Fashion Pro clothing design software. You don’t have to know how to draw at all to put together cool clothing designs. If you can draw already - great! No matter what your clothing design background is - it all comes down to your creativity. Learn more about Digital Fashion Pro by going to the Digital Fashion Pro page.  For information on how to start your own clothing line Click Here.

Designing Clothing - The Chance to Touch the World!

If you have a creative mind, then you may discover that you also have the ability and interest needed to design clothes.  Those who design fashions are able to use their natural talents and interests to create something entirely new to share with the world.  The opportunity to design clothes is also an opportunity to share your point of view and your unique perspective. Many people think that they can’t use their natural enthusiasm to design clothes simply because they don’t have a lot of artistic skill when it comes to drawing.  After all, everyone knows that the first step when you want to design fashions is to create a sketch of the design, right? 

In many ways that’s true, but there are products like Digital Fashion Pro that allow the would-be fashion designer to create realistic “sketches” of their ideas without ever picking up a pencil and paper.  Instead, the software helps you translate your design idea from a thought into an actual picture on the computer screen.  Use the included tools to try different fabrics, to add graphics, and to include accessories to your design concepts. Of course, there are other ways to design fashions that set trends and share your artistic vision.  If you choose to use software to help you design clothes, make sure that the product also allows you to create accessories.  After all, what woman’s outfit is complete without a handbag, belt, and a great pair of shoes?  Whether you want to start simple and design T-shirts, or you plan to start your own clothing line complete with fashion accessories, products like Digital Fashion Pro can be instrumental in taking you to that professional level.

You can find Digital Fashion Pro and so many other helpful resources at Startingaclothingline.com.  Getting advice from those who have already been successful is a great way to gather the information that you need in order to get your own clothing line started, and the site offers some amazing products and suggestions that help you do just that.  Are you great at coming up with clever ideas that you can use to design T-shirts?  If so, use the site to find resources for getting them produced.  Do you have the best ideas for the next look in evening wear?  The site will help you learn how to get them manufactured as well as how to get them sold.

There are so many reasons that the fashion industry is one of the most exciting places to work.  In addition to sharing your creative ideas with the world, you also have the opportunity to work with some of the most interesting people out there.  The chance to design clothes is unlike any other career. With clothing design, one has a chance to touch the world and that probably is the best benefit of all. Learn more about the latest fashion, style and clothing line news here on SCL Blog.

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